Morgain Bailey (b.1970, she/they) is a European-American artist who lives on Wabanaki homelands and whose artwork is influenced by their lived experience as a person with queer, working class and revolutionary roots.
Their creative practice is inspired by actively noticing heightened visual experiences that inspire joy, encourage rest, invite contemplation and acknowledge the importance of the act of witnessing. The work created serves as visual evidence, metaphor and an invitation to contemplation. The act of documenting the changing landscape and its varied personalities is an opportunity to celebrate resilience and encourage resistance to ongoing extractive economic and social engines.
Morgain teaches documentary landscape photography workshops that incorporate methods of learning that lean into empathy, make space for discomfort and create opportunities for deepening our relationships with our environment, each other and our personal creative practices.
They are an exhibiting artist and educator. They have a BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute and an ecotherapy certificate from the Pacifica Graduate Institute.  A few of the places their work has been seen include the Tacoma Art Museum, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Maine at Farmington, The Humid in Athens, Georgia and Artemis Gallery in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Their work is held in various private collections.
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