Morgain Bailey (b.1970, she/they) is an artist who lives in northern Maine. She grew up on the California coast and her cultural roots are in the radical movements that developed around the San Francisco Bay area.
She has a creative practice that is a blend of meditation, seeking visual evidence in everyday landscapes and community building. Her work witnesses trauma while celebrating resilience and positive change. It is a mix of therapeutic process and a visual and experiential way of understanding our world. It is also a vehicle for conversations about healing and social change. 
She is an exhibiting artist, teaches photography workshops and accepts assignments. She has a BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute and an ecotherapy certificate from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. A few of the places where her work has been seen include the Tacoma Art Museum, University of California at Berkeley, University of Maine at Farmington and The Humid in Athens, Georgia. Her art is held in various private collections.
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